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  1. Thank you to all of you who helped me with the issue I had to resolve. Following your relevant advices, I succeeded in recovering the unnecessary used space while full defraggling my hard disk, it's now ok ! Thanks again to you all ! I wish you a very good day :o)
  2. Thank you "mta", I thought well you meant "VSS Ticked", no problem. I'm now busy solving progressively this issue and as soon as it's ok I shall post the feed back here. Thanks a lot to you all who brought your help to me, I do appreciate this ! Pol
  3. Thank you for both your replies ! I am not sure I understand completely the manipulations described... If I understand well, the VSS function being disabled should prevent to keep a copy of all the files being deffraged ? Is there a way to identify the recuperation files created by defraggler or are they just an additional restoration point in windows ? To recover space could I simply delete all files of the existing "restore points" of windows and then recreate manually a new "restore point" via windows ? Thank you for continuing guiding me to the right solution... Pol
  4. Hello, I am a frequent user of yours products with full satisfaction but this time it goes over a serious issue with "defraggler". I had 21% fragmentation on my C:\ HDD (1To from which 200Go still available) so I made the fast option that produced a little result only. I decided to use then the second option "defrag", but unfortunately after a while I got a screen "error" and everything stopped. I checked the properties of my C:\ HDD and it was almost full with only 20 Gb free !!! Please help, what can I do ?? Thanks in advance to all those who will be so kind to help me, Pol
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