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  1. Exact same thing happened to me today. Do not know why, but everything is fine now. Makes life interesting. LOL
  2. Do not know where to post this; more of an information thing than a question. For the past few days, when I hit the Bookmark for CCleaner Discussion Piriform Community Forums I get a page telling me that Firefox has prevented this site as it may be misconfigured or my clock may be set wrong. Well, I doubted that either of these things were true. What I finally did was simply to delete the bookmark and then bookmark it anew for the Forums. No problem whatsoever. This was the only site that gave me the message. Do not know what happened but if any one else has this problem, try to delete the bookmark and then bookmark it again.....
  3. OKAY !!! Turned off the computer, disconnected internet, turned the computer on, went to documents and installed the new update with absolutely no problem. Now I am back on the internet and there does not seem to be any problem with any site or anything. Thanks for your suggestion. I will try this again next time there is an update, if necessary.
  4. No. LOL I am quite reluctant to disable Real Time Protection - even for a short time - so I will probably continue to use the CCleaner that I have installed and wait until the next update, hoping it will install with no problems. Thanks for your time and answers.
  5. When I download the update it gives me only Save File or Cancel. No way to directly install it.
  6. Have had CCleaner installed for years. Installing from downloads folder, not directly Using Windows 7 First time to have had a problem. I will try shutting off realtime and trying to install it. And let you know how that worked out.
  7. Downloaded the new update from ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds It will only install part way, then shows "hints" which tells me that Ccleaner.exe was skipped but that the installation is still going on. No notification that the installation has failed or is unable to be completed..... No matter how long I wait, the installation never finishes and the only way to clear the screen is to force a closing of windows. I use Malwarebytes Pro and wonder if this might be causing the problem.
  8. I get this every time I start up my PC. Wonder why? I just hit the "x" and forget it.
  9. What is the reason, if any, behind the news article that stated Microsoft is no longer recommending ccleaner. In fact, saying "no" to it? Does not bother me, I will continue to us ccleaner, just wondered if anyone knew anything about this. Published by MSPoweruser yesterday
  10. YES Worked just fine. Thanks so much for this advice. Hope I can remember to do it the next time it happens. My memory is getting a bit poor with age. LOL
  11. c:\Program Files\CCleaner64.exe On the Abort, Try Again, Ignore picture.
  12. I can download it but cannot install it. Could Malwarebytes be stopping me from installing it?
  13. This happened to me, too, with an installation of CCleaner. When I noticed the Avast icon on my laptop, I simply went to the control panel and deleted it, after filling out their questionnaire about why I was deleting, etc. Not a lot of trouble, only took a minute or two.
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