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    ini file confusion

    TheOdds, Thanks for the speedy reply. All of the issues I related above, appear to have disappeared. I think I will go into the obviously long neglected but perhaps, lucrative market of writing documentation for software Anyway, thanks again to everyone for their work on this project. Dale Poole dpoole@upei.ca
  2. Daleus

    ini file confusion

    Okay, I'm giving up on this until I get some feedback here. Here is a summary of what I still can't get working: 1. ReadOnlyMode does not work. I notice that the provided CCPortable.ini has the entry named as ReadOnly= while the documentation has it named as ReadOnlyMode=. It has no effect written either way and a portable.ini is written back to my USB drive everytime. 2. I cannot get autoclose to work, either as a setting in the ini file or as a command line parameter passed to CCleaner 3. LocalSettings has no apparent function either. Regardless of whether I use a 0 or 1 setting, there is no observable effect. Any clarification/explanation/helpful pointers gratefully accepted. Dale Poole dpoole@upei.ca
  3. Daleus

    ini file confusion

    Great. Seems as though I might end up answering all of my questions as I run this thing over and over again. I thought I had confused LocalSettings with ReadOnly and so made appropriate changes, but the portable.ini is being created regardless of the ReadOnly setting. Can the portable.ini settings be included in CCPortable.ini, thus preventing the creation of this second *.ini file, or should I resign myself to the fact that it will always want to create portable.ini and that in fact this program will not work from my network drive? Cheers... Dale Poole dpoole@upei.ca
  4. Daleus

    ini file confusion

    Heheh.....I just ran CCleanerPortable for the first time and I noticed that upon exit, it created a new *.ini file named "portable.ini". *This* *.ini file has the [CCLEANER_APPS] section included and a long list of (App) Program Settings in that section. Going through these entries, I can now see where they correspond to the particulars within the application itself. Oddly, this *.ini file begins with a repeat of the [CCLEANER] section, already included in CCPortable.ini, although it doesn't duplicate all of the settings. For instance, the Language entry does not get moved to this new file, regardless of whether I put in the word "English" or if I put in the name of the language file .dll. My assumption here is that these are individual *.ini files created for a specific computer, as controlled by the LocalSettings entry in CCPortable.ini. Yet I have that setting set to "0" and as I read it, that should disable the creation of a "portable.ini" file. This is important, as I am trying to get this app to run from a network drive, where there will be no permissions set to write back to the CCleanerPortable directory. Is this a bug or have I misunderstood the settings again? Dale Poole dpoole@upei.ca
  5. I wanted to ask some questions about the Portable version of CCleaner and I hope this is the correct location. The readme in the distribution specifies a "NoAppSettings" parameter in CCPortable.ini. This controls the useage of "(App)Program Name" settings. My question is, what are these "(App)Program Settings" used for and where would I find them? I assume they would also be located in the CCPortable.ini file, but the one included in the distribution has no such entries and that also leaves a question as to how such an entry is formatted (the readme also indicates there should be a [CCLEANER_APPS] section in the ini, but it is not present). Additionally, the readme says that CCPortable.ini also has a "Language" parameter, but again, the included *.ini does not have this entry. When is this used and how is the *.ini entry formatted? Is it simply "Language=English" or does it have to point to a dll filename, in this case the "lang-1033.dll" included in the distribution. Further there are 4 additional *.ini files included, but there is no mention of them in the readme nor any description of the purpose of these files. I can make a pretty good guess just by looking over the contents and assume I should leave them alone. I was looking to see if one of them contained the above mentioned App Settings. Let me thank you very much for the excellent CCleaner and also congratulate the community for coming up with this Portable version. I eagerly await a response acknowledging my noobness and filling in the blanks Dale Poole dpoole@upei.ca
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