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  1. Thanks for your responses. Most of my fragmented files are large and over 64mb, so that is why windows does not see them as fragmented. Some of these drives are 6-8tb and only have 5% space left. Some files are 2-10gb movie files. Would you recommend choosing the "move large files to end of drive" option? Are you referring to doing the quick defrag instead of the full defrag?
  2. For some reason on some of my drives defraggler shows 20%, 35%,50% fragmentation but windows built in tool shows 0% fragmentation for them. Is this normal that the two are so different?
  3. I only ask because I just ran the program "autoruns" and it was picking up all my disabled startup items as enabled. Is this because ccleaner itself keeps disabling the items at every startup manually and there is not some global startup disablement location that ccleaner and autoruns both have access to see?
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