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  1. Yes I had this same problem with my internal laptop drive. Keeps seeing my HDD as an SSD. So I fell back to my older version of Ccleaner 5.28.6005. The older versions still allow up to 35 passes, to overwrite data. I keep two versions of Ccleaner in separate folders. The older version 5.28 I use for full wipes. There are other products on the market that will utilize full wipes, but they cost. Perhaps with the retail version of Ccleaner, full wipes are possible? The latest versions that are free, seem to be crippled.
  2. I still feel that this has something to do with NSA or other security agencies prohibiting companies like Pirform from marketing products that effectively wipe drives, as this would be an increased cost for a particular agency to attempt to recover the data. I use the older version to wipe my drive, and the newer version to clean out junk. Just install in two different folders.
  3. Greetings all: Just wondering why the latest versions of Ccleaner sees platter type hard disks as an SSD drive. We cannot overwrite the free space of our hard drives with more than one overwrite pass at a time? Does law enforcement agencies have anything to do with this? We have had to drop back to earlier versions to enable the other extended wipe features for patter type hard drives. Methinks that perhaps Ccleaner does or rather did such an efficient job of wiping the free space, that Pirform perhaps has been contacted by NSA or some such agency, and told to limit the number of wipe methods in their latest releases......this is an outstanding product. Ccleaner owes it to their customers/supporters to either fix this problem, or let us know why they either cannot or will not........just sayin.
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