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  1. First, my info: CCleaner Professional v5.35.6210 (64-bit) Win10 64-bit AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor 8.0GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 5670 I have several problems that are probably related: Even though I have gone into properties and told CCleaner to Run As Administrator, I get the UAC window popping up when I start it. In Options/Scheduling I have set CCleaner to run weekly every Tuesday at 3:22AM, but the scheduled run never occurs. CCleaner never empties the Recycle Bin. CCleaner does not automatically update when a new version is available. In Options/Settings I have checked the boxes for run at startup, automatically check for new versions (with silent background updates), none of that is happening. In Options/Monitoring I have enabled system monitoring, and those popups DO happen.
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