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  1. Thanks for the reply I had to untick all edge and IE boxes to get it to work normally but that still leaves the issue of files from them I don't want (downloads sometimes leave files in IE etc).I've seen a post in the bugs forum about the previous version 5.40 working normally I think I'll have to uninstall and go back to that version.Cheers
  2. Hi I was having trouble with chrome files not deleting after following both fixes in the pinned post so updated to the latest version and that issue now seems to be gone.However since getting the latest version I've ran 2 scans and both have taken over 700 seconds! The old version I used took 30 secs tops.Is this a known issue and is there any fix? I just ran one more to ensure it wasn't a glitch it removed 0.50MB and took 732 seconds. Thanks
  3. Awesome thanks for the very quick reply Nergal! I can sleep easy tonight now . With regards to the earlier infection that's still in quarantine in your experience is it better to now delete them from quarantine after they're found? I don't know why but if my software ever finds anything like that I leave them in quarantine so they're "safe" though i'm not sure that's the best approach? Thanks for the help it's greatly appreciated
  4. Hi, running Win10 32 bit last month got infected by the compromised 5.32 version of CCleaner. When I followed the Bleeping computer article my system showed under cleaner registry I had the entry piriform>Agomo>MUID but not the TCID one it mentioned. Anyway after reading Piriform's blog post I just followed their latest advice and updated to the latest version (5.35). However tonight my Comodo Internet security flagged up the CCleaner version 5.35 install files (which were still in my download history folder) as a PUP so it's quarantined them.Is this a false alarm do you think? I attach a photo of my Comodo so you can see it's file name and what it looks like.I've googled and don't see anything mentioned about a problem with the new version, I've also emailed both Piriform/Comodo about it but would love some help from you guys too please.Also to inform the community in case it's a new problem not found yet but i doubt it.I'm a bit of a technophobe so appreciate the help.I haven't used the new version at all since install as I'm still a bit wary though I did accidentally open it just there to get the Comodo screenshot as both icons are red and opened the wrong one lol Thanks in advance for any help!
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