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  1. Mystery solved. CC wasn't showing restore points, because I wasn't running it as admin. So I was the problem, not CCleaner.
  2. Dave, Avast took over CCleaner some time back. All AV vendors have a specific removal tool you need to run after the normal uninstall procedure. I just edited the registry and got rid of it that way.
  3. I never had to use an admin acct. in the past to delete those entries. CC just pops up a message asking if I'm sure I wish to proceed. I assumed I'd get a message I don't have permission. OK, I ran as admin. Come to think of it, the problem may be that some mos. ago I added that hidden admin acct. to my login choices. Thanks
  4. mta, It's any CC version on Windows 10. I haven't tried unticking Chrome but will do that next time. I believe I have the latest Chrome version. Andavari, I don't have Chrome synced, but I did have it set to allow background tasks running after closed. Will see how that goes. I don't even touch IE but use Edge on occasion. Thank you both for your replies and advice.
  5. Same complaint here. It used to run quickly. Now it takes forever to do it's thing. Don't know why I still use it. Habit I suppose.
  6. This wasn't a problem in the past before Avast took over. As usual, a large vendor takes over a perfectly good program and things go south.
  7. Three mos. later, CCleaner still doesn't display restore points. And IK my restore points aren't suddenly becoming corrupt. This has been a problem since I first posted but not prior to that. So I'm not purging all my restore pts for nothing. It's a BUG.
  8. I just updated my CCleaner. I always choose Customize. So now AVAST thinks it's cute to secretly install their nearly 900 MB AV program with CCleaner?? I saw NOTHING about AVAST being included to even Uncheck. Bundling PUPS is one thing, but really now! This is beyond unacceptable. In fact, the only way I knew it was installed was when WinPatrol popped up a notification it wanted to update!! You don't just go installing an AV app without someone's knowledge OR permission. Unbelievable!! They can stuff this piece of garbage where the sun doesn't shine. I now must uninstall and run a tool to rid myself of it.
  9. CCleaner still doesn't want to list restore points most of the time, so it must be a bug. That's all on this topic. P.S. Same issue with the portable version.
  10. This wasn't a bug at all, apparently. I had the idea to reinstall same version of CCleaner over-the-top, and my restore entires now show up.
  11. Hi again, Before my initial post, I'd purged all restore points and created a new one which didn't show up in CCleaner. I just updated Libre Office and rebooted. The installation created a restore point. Neither restore point shows up in CCleaner.
  12. As I stated in my post, it didn't help to purge old restore points.
  13. There are no restore points listed in Tools section. If I recall, I had this same issue with another recent version. They showed up later, but I don't remember when, how or what I did (if anything). It didn't work to purge old restore points and create a new one. It doesn't show up.
  14. How about that! Woo Hoo! It's nice to have one Windows Defender issue eliminated anyway. I understand there's much improvement in Defender with the Fall Creators update that's being rolled out. I may even use it myself. Big thanks to all of you, and esp. the devs who made this change!
  15. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. I just realized I hadn't chosen to get email notifications. FYI, I'm not having that issue with Defender, because I have Defender disabled. Adding that line to .ini file sounds good. Although, on the forums responders have been advising users to Uncheck Defender if they suggest using CCleaner, OR if users are having the resulting problem. I don't know how many have suggested running CCleaner in the past. A couple of us do currently, but as far as the MVP's I haven't seen any. ​Thanks to all three of you. I appreciate the time and input. Carol
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