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  1. After reading and agreeing with the above comments I tested on another PC with a new download. 64 bit is now available. The download online at ccleaner.com will now load as 64 bit version. I do not have any 32 bit OS PCs so I couldn't test to see if that would force the browser to 32 bit. My original PC with the 32 bit browser is now 64 bit browser. I removed the 32 bit browser prior to using the installer.
  2. I'm just another Professional Defraggler user with issues identifying my PCIe NVMe SSD as a HDD.. PC created April 2017 with regular SSD (2.5 in format 512 Gb) as boot device. The SSD (identified by DF as SSD) turned out to be a turkey so I decided to try one of the newer WD PCIe NVMe SSD drives {PCIe M.2 2280 model WDS512g1XOC}. Using Windows Tools will optimize the drive like a SSD. Using Defraggler it appears to actually defrag the drive {screen captures available).
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