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  1. Comodo Browser Protection warns me that CCleaner is trying to change the current Firefox settings. Is that normal? It's CCleaner v.5.35.6210 (64-bit) on Windows 10, at the end of Analysis (which included Firefox Cookies, FF Internet Cache, FF Session and FF Saved Form Information) but before Run Cleaner.
  2. You can click "Restore default settings" in order to be sure what the default values are in CCleaner (unless Piriform changed them in the latest version). On an unrelated note, why does CCleaner 5.35 try to connect to when I run it? Is it a Piriform/Avast server?
  3. @Nergal I watched the video but I have the same question as Patrykr: if you close CCleaner before the 10 minutes elapsed, would it still "call home" or not? @Andavari Thanks for sharing. Yet ars technica writes: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/09/ccleaner-malware-outbreak-is-much-worse-than-it-first-appeared/
  4. Hi all, I think I have been lucky because there are no signs that my PCs were affected, but yet I am still a bit concerned because of the uncertainties in this story. For starters, it took a full month to find out about the malware distributed with CCleaner 5.33. In a month, the hackers could have covered some of their traces on PCs and on the servers they used, so I wonder: is it possible we don't know everything about the malware effects? Also, it's not clear to me what the new CCleaner "clean" installer does in order to remove the malware. Does it delete registry keys and files left by t
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