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  1. @login I'm running 64bit win10 What does the UAC stuff mean? My version of ccleaner was downloaded when I was installing Recuva. No idea what version that means it is
  2. https://d2wqgvap25i10a.cloudfront.net/monthly_2017_09/image.png.9dca49c1c337b7a6ea175e55ed7db80a.png I had this. Where does that fall in the guidelines?
  3. First time I've ever had malware/virus. I wanted to be 100% sure I could trust my system again.
  4. Nergal. I'm all for overkill. I have OCD and was losing sleep over it. I was trying to kill it with fire so that I could rest again.
  5. I've had to register in this forum just to get peace of mind. I never wanted ccleaner on my system in the first place. I missed a step to uncheck a box when installing recuva. But now I find myself with this malware on my machine. I am running 64bit win 10. The Microsoft defender caught the malware and then I immediately uninstalled ccleaner as I never even wanted it in in the first place, but I never checked my registry before removing. I don't know if I was hacked, only that defender caught it. I took the drastic step to completely format my machine. I did a USB boot into windows i
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