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  1. My licensed CCleaner Pro killed my google toolbar saved searches functions. As I have no drop-down menu of remembered searches since installing CCleaner Pro. Google will start to save searches while using Google toolbar until I reboot or come back from sleep mode and all the searches are deleted. I can’t have this. I would rather drop the use of CCleaner then lose google toolbar functions since no one else seems to offer such a great web based toolbar app. Please tell me what settings will correct this situation before I find myself just ending up deleting CCleaner because of this situation.
  2. Since installing CCeaner Pro. The Google tool bar stored searches where deleted sin the CCleaner installation and new searches are no longer stored in the Google toolbar after computer reboot. There must be a setting in the CCleaner program software that is causing this situation and this MUST BE CORRECTED. I will uninstall and not use CCleaner if this cannot be corrected. Please help.
  3. Google toolbar since installing CCleaner lost all stored searches and will not store searches any longer. If this cannot be corrected then I rather uninstall CCleaner then loose that function of the Google toolbar. Is there a CCleaner that can be changed to stop this from happening? Please Help.
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