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  1. The key "WbemPerf" Is windows default key or was created when installing the infected ccleaner?
  2. I hope they give news soon, because not talking about the subject so that "forget" is a very bad decision
  3. the antivirus detected the installer of the previous ccleaner to me also I detect the malwarebytes
  4. I hope that since now are not 100% targeted to help companies but also normal users, we need an AFFIRMATION by avast / piriform if removing ccleaner533 we are already safe. Although the 2nd stage of malware has not been downloaded
  5. I have win 7 x64, recommend change to windows 10? I do not know what to do, they do not give answers, I can not format my pc since I do not have the windows disk to do it, we need answers
  6. good to all, I have win 7 x64 bits and my antivirus found this: redcap.zioqa avira
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