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  1. Appreciate the detailed explanation, and thank you for the update.
  2. Thanks for the link, appreciate it. Since I have the x64 pro version, how did I get the infected x86 / 32 bit version? Thank you again, appreciate the help.
  3. Ccleaner is a great utility, Piriform, what the hek are you doing? My basic commercial anti virus/malware scans detected the Ccleaner Trojan before Piriform followed up. How is this possible? Apparently, not even a basic scan was done before releasing to millions of customers? Do Piriform servers use OS that doesn't support anti-virus/malware? Thanks for the "great" advice to roll my system back to before Aug 15, a month later. How can you not scan ONE file before pulling the trigger on millions of customers? Tip of the iceberg? Insider hack job combined with NO security scans? Thanks and good luck on your cybersecurity.
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