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  1. No, it can't be. Check the version number. Also the clean version wasn't digitally signed and released 16 minutes later on 8/3/2017.
  2. Can you/piriform clarify why there is a second build of "5.33.6162" signed 16 minutes later? Why was this second copy created? What is changed? Is it typical to build and sign a second copy of the software (and installer) at ever? (or not to change the build number?) ccsetup533.exe SHA-256 1A4A5123D7B2C534CB3E3168F7032CF9EBF38B9A2A97226D0FDB7933CF6030FF Signing date 8/3/2017 10:43 AM CCleaner.exe (32-bit 5.33.6162) SHA-256 6F7840C77F99049D788155C1351E1560B62B8AD18AD0E9ADDA8218B9F432F0A9 Signing date 8/3/2017 10:42 AM ccsetup533.exe SHA-256 276936C38BD8AE2F26AAB14ABFF115EA
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