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  1. Thanks for the positive comments. This is fixed, and it had nothing to do with the developers.
  2. Hi Imacri, That change is indeed also in v5.47.6716.
  3. We have no plans to bring users to this version.
  4. This version has been replaced by v5.47.6716, which fixes a critical bug in the Settings.
  5. The changelogs for 5.47.6701 and 5.47.6716 are identical, except the latter has a bugfix for a checkbox in the Privacy menu that we felt was essential to fix. You should be getting v5.47 on the download now.
  6. File Verification Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes. CCleaner Installers ccsetup547.exe - CCleaner Free Installer MD5: 46f108a92d714de50f20165043fb45d6 SHA256: d2c17468859fdc3d8d64c0d29c4d682e9c7f3a6b34ef28673de05ec9931af40c ccsetup547pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial Installer MD5: 332d4dad20927e3bf8162c5916f02891 SHA256: ab83539b3ddcd60135d8da1f7f522c3690351e144acdb484ac07bfdb0ad33b98 ccsetup547_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Installer MD5: 34822df93ef9744939fe37ac8c42ab1e SHA256: 6e24baa2ea21a54ef02033
  7. The bug relates to a user preference not correctly saving. It does not affect cleaning in any way.
  8. Which edition of CCleaner are you using? (e.g. Free, Pro, BE, TE) Have you tried restarting the software (closing the window and the tray icon first)? The check for update first happens on launch and then it only checks again infrequently thereafter. It's likely the software is acting on old information.
  9. Hey guys there is a bug here and we're hotfixing it now. v5.46 has been restored in the meantime.
  10. Yes, not trying to denigrate! Just observing that the age of the machine may be an indicator of the performance profile, both in terms of processing power and applications accumulated.
  11. Interesting thoughts, appreciate the feedback. The Core i5 520M is quite an old CPU, which makes me lean towards the hypothesis of CCleaner being the straw that broke the camel's back if you have an old system that has accumulated many services and background processes over the years.
  12. That's a valid use case. The Smart Cleaning feature (to call it by its new name) should have a small footprint most of the time. Periodically, it analyses (the same thing as clicking the 'Analyse' button) to see if you've reached the 'junk threshold' specified in the Smart Cleaning settings. I'd be curious to know what type of processor you have (advertised speeds, number of cores, system architecture and OS version). The easiest way to gather this info is Run > "DxDiag", and then saving the results as a text file. It would also be helpful to get an idea for what your percentage CPU us
  13. Thanks, with this and other posts we have a good amount of information to start work on this.|
  14. I believe this has the same root cause as the Recycle Bin context menu issue. We are working on a fix.
  15. Please can you confirm the status of your CCleaner license? You can do this from the About screen. Please also confirm if Smart Cleaning (formerly known as Monitoring until v5.46) is enabled or disabled.
  16. Any lingering issues with Kaspersky and CCleaner should now be fixed.
  17. Hey guys, We're having some trouble with our website. Our web engineers are working hard on inventive solutions, but in case they need to take the website down for some time, here are some alternative download links: v5.46 Installers CCleaner Free Edition CCleaner Pro Edition CCleaner Pro Trial CCleaner Slim Edition CCleaner Portable Edition CCleaner Technician Edition CCleaner Business Edition v5.46 Release Announcement, Changelog & File Hashes
  18. This behaviour is not coming from CCleaner. I suggest that you run a thorough scan of your system to identify any malware. First off, if you are on Windows 10, open the Windows Defender Security Center and check for any problems. You should double-check the Virus & threat protection section to ensure that you have either Windows Defender or another antivirus actively protecting your system. If you have a third-party antivirus solution, you should open the interface and check that it is running in active mode (not silent, sleep or gaming mode). If you do this there's a good chance
  19. This is addressed in the Bug Reporting forum. I'll close this so anybody interested only has a single thread to follow.
  20. I would first recommend that you restore the CCleaner rules to the default set. You can do this by right-clicking on the 'Windows' and 'Applications' tabs and selecting Restore default state
  21. We don't need two threads for one issue. Now that we have published a new build to replace v5.45, we can start working on this fix. We have identified where the problem is.
  22. Version 5.46.6652 is now live. Here is the release announcement and file hashes: And here is the Data Factsheet: https://www.ccleaner.com/about/data-factsheet
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