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  1. Further to my last post....it now appears that my Ccleaner's ability to update has been damaged (see printscreens). I will continue to try to get it done.
  2. My wife's PC was hit with a similar problem this morning when she started it up. ZoneAlarm caught it and treated it. Problem is, is that it is a Windows Home 7 SP1 64-bit machine running Ccleaner Pro 64-bit (and, yes, now that it hit me a few minutes ago, I went back to her PC and it was running 6162 which I have now upgraded). However, my similar machine got hit some 4 hours later, ZoneAlarm caught it and I was able to catch some info before I had to reboot after ZA treated something called "Backdoor.Win32.Infecleaner.a When you reboot, before complete startup, I got prompted to let Piriform start up the Ccleaner monitor (never asked before). I said "NO" and am now running normally without the Ccleaner monitor running. My PC is Windows 8 64-bit OS. Starting Ccleaner from the desktop reveals it is: 6162 bit version. I have attached 2 printscreens...hope they come through to you. Am going to update Ccleaner.
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