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  1. Found the problem. Under the options for Firefox options in CC the delete cookies box was unchecked. Checked it (previously told cc to monitor the browser and clean when closed) and it cleans the browser and deletes the cookies. Thanks nukecad.
  2. In past versions I could check an option to delete cookies upon closure of the browser. I found this extremely useful. Now, running v 5.43.6522 (64bit) I can no longer find that option. And upon closing the browser (Firefox v 60.0.1) the cookies remain. This means I have to open CCleaner and go to Options/Cookies and highlight all cookies to delete them. EXTRA WORK that is unnecessary if the previous option had been retained. If that option is in this version and I have missed it I apologize. If it's not in the present version, I certainly wish it was restored in future versions.
  3. Upon closing my browser CC "cleans" the browser. However, it does not clean cookies accumulated by the browser. While I want to retain the "Cookies to Keep", it would really be nice not to have to immediately run CC to delete "Cookies on Computer". When cleaning the browser, why not have the option to include cleaning "Cookies on Computer" but retain "Cookies to Keep"? That's one enhancement (option) I would really appreciate!!!
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