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  1. Until yesterday, every time I opened the ccleaner I missed the notification that there was a new version of the program, however I had not updated because I was waiting for the slim version of the installer to come out. Today I realize that the noftification no longer appears. I'm worried because I'm afraid that in the future when I update the program again, do not notify me. Now uninstall and reinstall the program, also provide an old installer version 5.36 and still not notify me that there is an update the program. On my other PC if the notification appears without problems. Even when I open ccleaner, it appears on network connections that it is communicating with Ip and, but it does not look for updates.
  2. But are not they supposed to have research departments? The way this problem was detected was due to anomalous behavior of the program. None of the big "security" companies could detect the same thing? One month, this was active one month, and no "major" antivirus reported anything. That is unacceptable.
  3. I am currently more angry with my antivirus software, than Piriform, who were the victim after all. ESET, Karspersky, Avira, Malwarebytes and others, were not able to detect the unusual behavior of the program, so why are they supposed to exist ?. If Piriform had not made it public, the big companies of "security" do not know.
  4. Thanks for your answer, but then, the page from which I uploaded the capture, is it correct to download ccleaner?
  5. I want to download the slim version of ccleaner, but when you enter the download page, google does not indicate how completely safe the page. It is normal?
  6. I have windows 7 64-bit and yesterday when running ccleaner my antivirus eset smart security notified me of this threat: Hour; 9/18/2017 1:32:40 p.m Scan module; Memory scan Type of object; archive Object; Operating Memory = CCleaner.exe (1124) Threat; a variant of Win32 / CCleaner.B Trojan Action; disinfected - contained infected files User; Information; Hash; 38365DFEDF883AB2CF0F21434686BF58B8FAE5F6 First seen here That's how I found out about the problem.
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