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  1. while I am not Piriform, probably not, the process only took a few seconds, but those servers are now under the control of Cisco and law enforcement and have been since about sept 12 or so, even then it only gathered specific data from your PC like its name, installed software, mac addresses what type of windows it was 32 or 64 bit, so the hacker or hackers where looking for a particular profile (no one knows what that is yet, its doubtful we ever will unless the author or authors are arrested or come forward.)
  2. sadly your results are not attached so I am going to assume it just found the left over registry keys.
  3. in the bleeping article this is stated: "Please note. as seen below, upgrading to version 5.34 will not remove the Agomo key from the Windows registry. It will only replace the malicious executables with legitimate ones so that the malware is no longer present." so I think you can just safely delete the offending entry, if it reappears then you have a problem.
  4. From my personal research on this issue, its not a trojan in the strictest sense, it had a payload but that payload was not activated, and its ability to be activated has been effectively disabled, and with the update the payload no longer exists so no your information has not been comprised. see the orginal post about this issue and this recent update from Avast: https://blog.avast.com/update-to-the-ccleaner-5.33.1612-security-incident?utm_campaign=socialposts_us&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=post
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