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  1. You do know that cisco (Talosintellegence.com) is spreading lies and misinformation about this right? (in the comments, specifically Craig Williams). Craig Williams at the blog http://blog.talosintelligence.com/2017/09/avast-distributes-malware.html is telling people the only way to recover from this is a complete format, and of course to download their software after. When I tried to post how easy this was to fix he would not approve my posts and when I took it to twitter he blocked me without reply. You want a suspect with know how, motive, but would not cause lots of damage so if they got caught it wouldn't send anyone to jail? Hmmmmmmm.....and right after you're bought by avast...... Seriously though, barring that insane? thought, they really are spreading lies and hysteria about this. CRAIG WILLIAMSSEPTEMBER 18, 2017 AT 9:50 AM Uninstalling the tool will not remove the malware. To remove the malware you should restore from a previous backup that is known to be clean or try a virus removal tool.
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