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  1. @Tom Piriform: I get the fact that malware get's cleaned with an uninstall of CC but please confirm or deny that the presence of mentioned registry keys is a indicator to check wether or not you were infected? Some of us want to know if we were infected!
  2. Could you give some clarification on the installers and CPU architecture? Because a lot of sites including Piriform's, are mentioning that only the 32-bit version was affected. However, I also read a lot of reports about only one installer for both architectures being available. So wether you are on x86 or x64, the installer decides which package to install eventually. As a x64 user this kinda confuses me and now I'm not really sure if my system was infected or not. Also it would be very decent if you could give some instructions to check if you were infected. For example, is the presence
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