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  1. When executing a defrag session via its GUI, the excluded file remain untouched and at the end of the drive but when a defrag session is automated using DF schedule feature, the scheduled instance of a DF session re-incorporates those end of the drive files (excluded) files back into the main fold. The logic of a scheduled DF session needs to account for excluded files.
  2. When files have been excluded and sent to the rear of the drive, upon a schedule execution of defragmentation, those excluded files become part of the mix and are grouped with the other files and become defragged; this is a problem. Very Concerned!
  3. I am observing inconsistencies between an initial benchmark and subsequent executions. When opening Defraggler a benchmark is executed and the RRS (Random Read Speed) is 11.38 MB/s but the following five executions are an avg. of 17 MB/s. 1) Why is there such a difference between the initial and any proceeding, and 2) why does the group of executions after the initial never have a dip like the initial? Thank you. Fellow Fraggler
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