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  1. The new version of CCleaner v1.35.424 (launched today) has addressed a few issues such as "Fixed some IE7 cookie handling issues" and "Fixed IE7 Autocomplete form data cleaning" so we will see how it goes. Tarq57 I didn't change anything in the IE7 privacy settings as I am sure this cookie issue will be fixed by Microsoft or perhaps our good ol' CCleaner will sort it for us.
  2. We are both running IE7. I did re-boot after unticking "Delete Index.dat files" and it is just the same. This has to be something really silly. We will make it!
  3. Now I am totally confused! I have XP Pro on my pc - and my wife runs XP Home on her laptop and her cookies are NEVER erased when she runs CCleaner with the same settings I have. I just thought I would share this information.
  4. Just to back up what has already been said by some other members, I have the latest AVG, too, and not had any problems using CCleaner. If you don't solve the issue, may I suggest you ask on the AVG forums. Someone there might have faced a similar problem - just a thought.
  5. No, that didn't work either. I had to sign into my IE homepage, plus my usual and regular sites. No doubt it will be something really small and obvious - but I am blind to it. This also happened when I was running IE7 Beta and decided, because of its problems, uninstalled and went back to IE6. The minor annoyances, that I personally had with IE7 Beta, seem to have been ironed out - but it is little things like my cookies being eaten by the cookie monster really gets to me. Maybe I should get my ten-year-old nephew to look at my pc when I get back to the UK - he will sort it
  6. Hazelnut - yes I have saved the cookies I want to keep under options>cookies>cookies to keep. Maybe I should uncheck Delete index.dat files and re-boot? I didn?t re-boot when I did this first time round - just a thought?
  7. Hazelnut - my apologies for not getting back right away. No, I don't have CCleaner running at start up. Thank you for the welcome.
  8. Does anyone have any idea when CCleaner will be compatible with IE7? I have tried unchecking "delete index.dat" and my safe cookies are still disappearing! I am having to log in each time I use my so-called safe sites. On the bright side I suppose we have to praise IE7 for the extra security it provides.
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