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  1. I always run this program at least once and sometimes twice a week. Actually you can run this program as often as you like as it is a safe, quick and easy program to run. I also do a complete AV scan at least once a week with the various programs that I have. BTW, if you haven't done so already, I would suggest that you read the excellent CCleaner instructions for this program that are pinned above. Good luck
  2. I just received my June issue of PC World, and it has an article (P.54) on Spyware Doctor. The article compares SWD 3.2 to CounterSpy and Microsoft's free beta sw program and concludes that while SWD shows promise, at the present time it is not in the same league as the other two.
  3. Thanks, Tarun. I have had this program for the last year, and I agree with your view that it is a program that everyone should have. However, I didn't know there was an updated 3.4 version available. I have just downloaded it, and I would like to thank you for bringing it to our attention.
  4. Thanks for all your help folks. I followed the above instructions and found the File Types tab okay and selected the HTML Doc. file type and changed it so that it is supposed to open with Firefox. However, I still get the same notepad junk that I was getting before. I have had Belarc on my pc for over a year now, and the first download was really easy and worked well. I am sorry now that I downloaded the update. I guess that some bright light at Belarc thought that he was making things better. I will find one of the other available sw programs that do the same thing and forget about it. Thanks again for all your help.
  5. "... in the Folder Options windows control panel look at the File Types tab. Select the HTML Document file type and check that it opens with your preferred web browser." Pardon my ignorance, but where is the File Types tab? Maybe this will do it for me if I can find it. I have tried your second suggestion, and that is set up as you suggested. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi. I wonder if someone could help me with this question. I just updated the Belarc Advisor and wish that I had left things as they were and kept the old version. Now when I click on the icon a Notepad pops up with a lot of stuff in it, but I can't get any results on my PC's HW and SW. I have downloaded this twice (uninstalled the first one) and still get the same results. I am running Windows XP with SP2 and use the Firefox browser. Right now I am thinking of uninstalling and just forgetting about the program as I understand that there is another one out there somewhere that does the same thing. However, I thought that I would first make a plea for help. Thanks.
  7. papajoe

    MS Spyware

    Thank you very much, TM. I'll download it as I hear that it is very good.
  8. papajoe

    MS Spyware

    I was thinking about downlaoding the MS Spware beta program. However, I just want to make sure that there will be no conflict with my AV program (by that I mean the kind of conflict that you would have running two AV programs). As I understand it, the MS Spyware Program is not an AV program, so there would be no conflict. Is that correct? Thanks.
  9. I have just downloaded this program, and you're right, it looks just great. I plan to purchase a scanner in the near future and scan in the hundreds of photos that my wife and I have taken over the years. I was looking for a program that would let me add comments (dates, names, etc.), and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.
  10. I have used Norton for a couple of years and hate it. It is a real space hog and their customer service is for the pits. Trying to uninstall it and delete the remnants from your system is also a real challenge. I am now trying NOD32 one month trial version and really love it. I think that this is the AV for me. If I were going to use a free version, I think that I would go with AVG.
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