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  1. Actually I was a little bit fooled. They still came back. But are slightly different from before. I still get INetCache\IE\GDWMIM04 and INetCache\IE\ASWAFAKO but the difference is this time instead of the file names coming as Suggestions[1] they are coming as View[1]. Uninstalling Internet Explorer 11 reduced the frequency of these INetCache from loading. But they still come in from time to time. But maybe once in a few hours rather than few minutes. Now I tested it on my other computers Windows 8.1 and 7 which also come with these things even when Google Chrome is assigned as default web b
  2. I solved the problem, finally! I simply uninstalled Internet Explorer 11 from Windows 8.1 by going to Control Panel--->Programs and Features--->Turn Features on or off and then uncheck the box next to Internet Explorer 11. Hit ok and then upon restart of the computer Windows will have removed Internet Explorer. Following this operation the INetCache has so far remained at 0 bytes! It has not come back yet and has no signs of doing so! Before it would happen immediately every few minutes without even using or launching Internet Explorer. Now I've tested this for more than 3 hours s
  3. Hello, I've been having this problem since forever since having Windows 8.1 64-bit installed on my system 4 years ago. I use CCleaner for a long time. I don't use Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is always my default Internet Browser. Yet for some obnoxious reason whenever I go to analyze I always get stuff like that as shown below. C:\Users\ms\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\ASWAFAKO C:\Users\ms\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\GDWMIM04 C:\Users\ms\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\GDWMIM04 It gets erased but about 5-10 minutes later the
  4. Problem solved! Unbelievable!! I just got a response from Google Chrome Community Specialist Matt from the Google Forums. Turns out the problem was indeed corrupt profile that wasn't being successfully cleared. He said that what I needed to do was to Reset Sync! "Reset sync to clear your data from the server and remove your passphrase. This will not clear data from your devices. Sign back in to Chrome to start syncing." After that I went to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data. I deleted the entire User Data folder. Then the next thing I did was CLEAR BROWSING DATA. This now suc
  5. Did exactly that, did not work! None of the options worked. I think it has something to do with the Hosted App Data. These are the 31 websites that are listed such as ***LJs LiveOnSat Football - Soccer Schedules on TV. They appear as Hosted App Data and they are exactly the same ones that are listed in the CCleaner Browser Plugins Google Chrome tab. So even after I click the CLEAR BROWSING DATA button these fail to be erased. Only search history from address bar and passwords are erased. But the Hosted App Data that appear in the Google Chrome Extensions folder cannot be erased. I've
  6. Hello, I'm new to these forums. Just registered because I wanted to ask regarding this issue which I could not find anywhere on the internet. This is a problem I have detected for a long time now but I have never found a solution to this. I even downloaded the CCleaner Professional Edition and that also can't delete them. As you can see in my CCleaner Google Chrome Browser Plugins it is impossible to delete the entire history of previous shortcut icons that I added for say last year. For example the eCRATER.com, Gumtree.com were shortcut icons I added last year to desktop. So I no longer n
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