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  1. Hazlenut: Are you sure you are not a witch? That suggestion cured it - thank you!
  2. For a number of weeks, I have been prompted to update CCleaner (5.51.6939 - 64bit) to the latest version (5.52.6967) but each time that I attempt to update, it fails in the 'setup' stage and displays a dialogue box "Error opening file for writing: >Path to the location of the .exe file<" followed by 3 options to either: Abort / Retry / Ignore. (Screenshot attached) I have, over this period, tried each of the A/R/I options - none of which were successful. Via this forum I have seen a couple of 'suggestions' which very loosely were close to my error and I have tried them, one bei
  3. First time user of the forum, but long time user of CCleaner. (Since before the name was shortened!) I am on Windows 10 (Creators) x64 with the latest updates (OS 15063.540) CCleaner v5.32.6129 Used the "Update available" button and this has resulted in a fail like everyone else. The installation was at the "Extract: CCleaner.exe" stage. I have tried the "Ignore" option like #Genez, mine too stated it had installed succesfully, but when opened I was offered the option to update to 5.33 again. So hitting "Ignore" DOESN'T cure the issue - at least not for me! I suppose the question is ....
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