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  1. I only use Chrome and never use IE (and IE has been turned off for the longest time in Control Panel Windows Features), but whenever I run Chrome, CCleaner always shows that the following file has been created in that process (I have tested many times and it is created with as little as only opening the Chrome home page and immediately closing it again), and also, by the way, this file is not deleted by Sandboxie when deleting the sandbox's contents after running Chrome sandboxed: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files 1 KB 1 files ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\8LQSVQD4\auto[1].htm 1 KB What is this file and why is it being created in this particular situation? (I know about lingering IE rendering engine components but surely that can't be what's going on here, right?) Do any of you also get this IE Temporary Internet file created after simply opening and immediately closing Chrome while not running any other applications?
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