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  1. Can't you just register as a new person? And isn't CCleaner free, anyway?
  2. I use Spamfighter and pay each year to renew it. To me, a layman, it seems quite good. It urns up lots of supposedly-harmful stuff for me to delete. But I find an odd problem. I update it and use it without difficulty on the first occasion. But it frequently goes missing on the second or third occasion that I use it- esp. the full Disk bit. So I have to go through the palaver of uninstalling and reinstalling in order to make it work. What am I doing wrong? It shows as 'there', true, but it then refuses to do anything when I click on it- hence I now save the 'uninstall and reinstall' link. Can you assist?
  3. That's very helpful and, astonishingly, I think that I understand it. Many thanks!
  4. It says: "V Series SATA SSD 120GB ATA Device" So does that mean that what I have is a Solid State Drive (hence 'optimize' rather than 'defragment')? And, back to item b in post #1, is that % figure OK, then?
  5. See my last post- my reply is "Ditto"!
  6. I've no idea. I'm a solicitor, so I know the dangers of using jargon at laymen! How do I tell whether it's HD or SSD?
  7. (Yes, I'm a novice) Previously, I used Defraggler to Analyse (quickly) and Defragment (very, very slowly- often several hours). But at least the % fragmentation then came down to a % in single figures. However, I tried it again today- after quite a hiatus- only to find that: a. there's now a thing called 'Optimize' (instead of 'Defragment'); and b. the result of both Analyse and Optimize is 35% fragmentation. It states that my Disk health is 'good', too. Is it, should I be worried, and what am I doing wrong?
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