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  1. I tried just deleting the folder but the OS would not allow me to do so. The OS thought it was in use - I had it "off". I did an uninstall again and figured I'd wait to hear from someone here. This afternoon I tried to do the install again and it was successful and without issue. Don't know why as I did nothing more than wait a few hours between the uninstall and the install. Posting this so other viewers would know the outcome of this issue. Thanks to all who offered help.
  2. Yes, I did restart. When I follow your suggestion it shows 5.30. The popup, when I hover over the exe, shows 5.30 also. That says the install is not successful obviously. Tried the Safe Mode install which failed. The last time I tried the install I paid closer attention to where the "hesitation" happens. It stalls at "checking system and updates". I moved the popup that declares the error I mentioned in the OP and the stall location shows "Delete file: C:\DOCUME~1\NexGen\LOCALS~1\Temp\CheckUpdate.log". When I click ignore, the install continues and then declares it was successful. Aside from doing an unistall as you suggested, would it be worth just tossing the CCleaner folder in the Program Files folder and then trying to install the new version? Thanks again for your help in this matter, mta.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion mta. I went in to uninstall CC and clicked the "details" link out of curiosity. It showed that I had 5.33 installed. So I opened CC and checked the UI. It showed that I had 5.30. Went ahead and tried your suggestion anyway. Had the same issue as in the OP. Double checked and Add/Remove showed 5.33, UI showed 5.30. If 5.33 is truly loaded (my guess is yes) then the only hangup is the UI showing 5.30 triggers the auto update feature. Haven't tried the Safe Mode suggestion, but I will and then report the outcome. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Thanks Nergal, I appreciate your response. Sorry for my delay in responding. (I don't have my notifications set correctly.) I tried the install with CCleaner closed - no icon in the tray. Same result as before. After choosing "Ignore" the install goes forward. I get the "success" notification that 5.33 has installed. When I open CC it still shows version 5.30. Any other suggestions that I can try?
  5. Don't know that this is necessarily a bug, but I'm having issues installing 5.32 in my PC running XP Pro (SP3). The file downloads just fine. When I initiate the install it gets about half way and then I get a pop window which states; "Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe." with the options to abort, retry or ignore. Retry changes nothing. Ignore causes to install to proceed, but the newer version doesn't install. Our IT guy recently did some malware/virus work and install avast! Antivirus. That has been the only change with the PC. CCleaner has installed without issue prior. Any ideas on this? Thanks in advance.
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