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  1. I haven't read anything about instant activation on purchase, support requested Thanks to all replys
  2. i got 3 computers, then i can buy at last 3 licenses per year or more If is for a new system, that don't make sense for me, thanks
  3. but i will miss more than half year of automàtic clear and other things, ripoff for me, in any place says that it will last one year after purchased, i buy for example kis antivirus and key works perfectly after even more than 2 year if not activated
  4. well don't seems fair for me, directly a ripoff, i will contact support Thanks
  5. Thanks for you reply, i never use support, but i feel that automatic updates should start at activation, lets see if that way, if not i will miss half year license.
  6. Hi, i have purchased a new license, but now i see that actual is still alive till end of 2019, how long can i wait till activate, or i can add to my device and it will add an extra year of updates? Thanks
  7. Why not a home version that can be used in all the computers at home?
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