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  1. I confirm that after clicking Defrag on the D: disk the button is grayed out. I cannot see whether the Defrag button button is grayed out or not for the other drives, as when I select any other drive from the list the program freezes before the GUI is redrawn.
  2. Hello, As already outlined in the title, Defraggler permanently freezes when I select a drive from the list while defragging a different drive. I did this while trying to defrag two drives at the same time (I'm not sure this is possible - I was just experimenting). I can consistently reproduce the bug with the following steps: Open Defraggler Click on D: drive Click on "Defrag" Click on V: drive After doing this Defraggler freezes and never comes back. Task Manager still shows 100% D: drive utilization, so I'm guessing the defragmentation still continues in the background even when the G
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