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  1. There are three issues with that "solution." First, you can't expect anyone to not simply run it with all settings enabled (which is likely default, and implies that it is safe). Second, not everyone knows what all the different kinds of entries are or mean. And third, even if you do individually clear entries, it only takes one bad entry to brick the system, and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it when it does happen. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. A program like CCleaner, highly regarded and recommended by software experts for home and corporate users, shoul
  2. I made this new account solely to report this issue, as it is serious. As you read this, I'm currently on a freshly installed copy of Windows 10. No, I'm not talking about a reset or a reinstall; I'm talking about a full-blown partition format to unallocated space, and then an installation. Luckily, I had another system to back up my files before doing so. ------------------------------------------- Normally, I wouldn't jump to conclusions and point fingers at any one program, but this time was special: I had nothing else running besides CCleaner, and I ran it right after I restarted t
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