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  1. SOLVED BY ACCIDENT Firstly thanks to all who tried to help. In preparation for MTA's suggestion I looked in the start menu to see if ccleaner had an uninstall option there. I accidentally opened ccleaner and it opened fine. I closed it and reopened it - no problem. I then tried to open if from the taskbar (my usual route to ccleaner) and got the error message To be honest I don't understand this at all but I unpinned ccleaner from the taskbar and then opened the app from the start menu. It opened fine. Once opened I pinned it to the taskbar once more and now it opens from both the start menu and the taskbar. I can only assume the taskbar path has been corrupted somehow. If anybody has an explanation that might serve to help others in the future it would be good to know.
  2. Elsewhere on the web I have found suggestions that I should disable windows 10 compatibility assistant as this is what is blocking ccleaner and producing the "can't run" message. This doesn't seem straight forward - anybody got any thoughts on that?
  3. I have now updated windows 10 to creator as suggested. No change. Ccleaner still insists that it can't run on this pc (that is the precise wording of the message). Again I download the latest version of ccleaner, run it once and I'm then straight back into "can't run" etc. Another download and repeat over and over.
  4. Ccleaner doesn't work on this version of windows. Apologies if this is covered somewhere else, I've looked but can't find it. I have used the free version for years and it is an excellent piece of software. However recently I get the above error message every time I try to launch Ccleaner. Every time I have to download and instal from new. The good news is that my preferences including protected cookies are retained. But I just get a single use version because the next time I try to run I have to go through this loop again. I am running windows 10 home version 1607 x64 bit. Is there a solution to this problem please?
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