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  1. yes, I'm losing my email account passwords when CC was running.


    I don't know where Outlook (desktop app) is saving my passwords but if I just analyze it in CC then I get different entries in "All Users\clienttemplates.content.office.net", "All Users\odc.officeapps.live.com", "All Users\officeclient.microsoft.com" and "All Users\p.pfx.ms"


    in total I get a count of 67 files.


    all the time I am talking about the desktop app of Outlook in Office 365.

  2. Hi,


    For some time will be deleted all my Outlook passwords, when I'm using CCleaner. I use Office 365 and in CCleaner I have to stand Office 2013 and Office 2016. I tried it as I selected both things, also I tried it as both things were not selected and in every case  will be deleted my Outlook passwords.


    How I can fix this for the future again?

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