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  1. One of the greatest pieces of software in existence. Was super happy to see the update on MajorGeeks!
  2. --- Alex Jones is rude- he disrespects (on a personal level at times, too) a lot of people who have taken the time to interview him or debate him. --- He does not know how to politely debate or politely disagree (I don't expect people to be all *angelic* with their discussion, but basic, civil manners is not much to ask for). --- He is not fair in his back-and-forths with people. He steamrolls people with his rants, accusations, rallying cries (stuff he's totally allowed to say, but not when someone else wants to get a point across). --- He often throws out unbacked numbers or out-of-context statistics. (not often, but often enough that I can't feel comfortable listening to him throw out numbers he uses to support his stances) I have no idea why people listen to him. I'd be embarrassed to share the same air as him if he was in the room with me. He may have good stuff to say, but I don't want to validate him or his methods by giving him credence.
  3. A software update cannot modify silicon. Updating the "processor microcode" is akin to firmware updating. So it only changes the upgradeable ROM on (or the chips associated with) the processor (or a piece of the processor that's available to overwriting- by design). I don't know much about the process, but perhaps the updates are digitally signed by the manufactures (or, by Intel/AMD themselves) which would prevent a fraudulent/malicious microcode installation. Digital signing is virtually impossible to spoof and would require code-espionage and stealthy implementations to avoid detection (upon actually successfully stealing a digital certificate). Or, perhaps, the microcode update is encrypted by Intel/AMD and the key to decrypt/implement the update only exists on the silicone itself (thus, only Intel/AMD could actually approve of the updates and allow specific updates to be handled).
  4. It's only CCleaner. (the leaner CCleaner) (which fits the way I actually pronounce the product in my mind- "CC leaner")
  5. You win "strangest thing I've seen today." How... unsettling.
  6. Oh, if it's just a single registry key entry then that's super viable and would be a good consideration. (pardon my ignorance)
  7. As a college student, I dropped $400 (special student pricing) and got the following (CS6) Adobe products right before school: (yes, some of these are the "Adobe freebies") *After Effects *Audition Bridge *Encore ExtendScript Extension Manager *Flash Professional *Illustrator Media Encoder *Photoshop Prelude *Premiere Pro Speed Grade (* = I actually use this program regularly for school and personal enjoyment/jobs) ----- Now, if I was going off of their Creative Cloud subscription plan @ $20/mo (for students), I'd spend more than $400 in less than 2 years. Since I nabbed Production Premium CS6 for $400 right before Creative Cloud appeared, I forever have *the above* and it'll never cost me more than the $400 I paid. ($400 would only get me a little less than 2 years with Creative Cloud- not a good deal for students who really can't afford additional monthly payments AND it would cost a college student more than double in the long run to use several Adobe products for their schooling across 4 years using Creative Cloud.) I wish it was optional- but it looks like subscriptions are the payments methods of the future (which Microsoft is trying to figure out for Windows as well... hopefully that day is far away.)
  8. Heck yes, that'd be a fantastic addition. ----- ----- @ Hazelnut First of all, hi! I've always appreciated your input on the forums across all these years! -No, I don't have a business license. I'm presently out of the professional computer repair game (gettin' a degree!) ----- ----- I get where you're coming from. But this thinking (hesitation, as to protect users from themselves) has poisoned/delayed/stalled the introduction of software features throughout history. Again, I know why you suggest such a thing (and I'm not saying it's bad) but anyone digging around their registry is already in "you shouldn't be here unless you know what you're doing" territory AND if they've clicked "scan for issues" they're plannin' on looking at/deleting registry keys anyway. ----- ----- @Andavari A whitelist is a lot of extra upkeep for Piriform to keep track of. (that'd probably function better as an "add-on", whether through a 3rd-party program or whatnot) I think a registry program should either be low-powered (such as CCleaner's, and I'm glad for such) with less room for false positives or improper flags OR unhindered/uncensored for (risky, dangerous) full power. While Piriform could do a good job of implementing a whitelist (because the Piriform crew is awesome) the registry isn't a place for the lol-how'd-I-get-here? ----- ----- We all know the risks of meddling with the registry, and I think there's virtually no risk added to CCleaner's functionality by adding a "search" feature to the results page of the registry cleaner. Thank you all for your posts and input. A lot of good energy here!
  9. My suggestion: the ability to search the Registry Cleaner "found issues". There are several occasions where I'm considering looking to remove registry keys associated with certain programs. So, instead of me looking through a large list of keys---- CCleaner would be incredibly more useful to me if it would allow me to search the results of the Registry Cleaner scan. For example: I presently have CCleaner offering to "clean" a program that doesn't exist on my computer (whether due to an bad uninstall or upgrade, I don't know.) I know that removing a few registry keys will address this problem------ I don't enjoy scrolling and scanning through a large list of registry keys upon clicking "scan for issues." It's tedious to do this on every machine with this issue and I'm sure many techs would be happy to see a built-in search function. (Yes, I could save a text file and search through that. That's not a solution, that's a workaround. I adore the fantastic idea of ctrl + f bringing up a magical search dialogue.)
  10. Your score: 65 "News Skimmer"
  11. Congrats on finishing the test. Your score: 36 Leave the IT department immediately in case you're contagious. Go to Men's Wearhouse. Buy a suit and apply for a job in marketing. ...awww
  12. Sweet, thanks for the cool links! Awesome!!!
  13. Not to be a downer (I only read the first two posts on this topic, so I don't know what's been said throughout the post). But Spybot Search & Destroy and Spyware Blaster are relatively incompatible with each other. Not saying that they are bad programs, I LOVE them both, but I work in a computer service/DELL representative shop and throughout our first year of using the two programs together there were odd problems when cleaning and using other programs on the computers. -and their bad-stuff blocking conflicted on occasion, a VERY RARE occurrence- The problem could possibly be fixed with Spybot's BETA 1.5 release, but I don't know that as a fact. But I just want to tell you that to get the best out of the program, have one or the other installed on your computer- not both. (Just to let you guys know) But at our store, we have AVG-AS, AVG-AV, Spybot, Ad-Aware, Winpatrol, CCleaner (yes I know the last two aren't AV or AS) on every techs' computer; and we download and browse with Firefox (best browser EVER); and we have our operating system, program files, and critical files on a separate Hard Drive or a separate partition than backups and personal files.
  14. Anybody know who to switch from the dell wireless utility to the windows wireless utility (vista). We try to connect to a router using the dell wireless utility, but it only lets us view or monitor the available connections. (I work at a computer tech store, and this is driving me nuts! I really dislike Vista at this stage it's in) So we hypothisize that if we were able to view the available connections via the windows wireless utility, we woll be able to connect. [it seems one out of every 5 Vista systems that come to us for support have thi sproblem!]
  15. Not being picky or anything, but above Andavari said "without any trees on the planet there wouldn't be any cows let alone people because trees produce the greater majority of the oxygen we must breathe." Plankton give us more oxygen than trees do, but indeed we do need trees for a healthy planet. (I'm no tree-hugger or an extreamist-environmentalist, but we have to take care of our planet. And if the cows already dead, might as well use the skin for something! ) -I'm totally not trying to be smarter than Andavari, because I know I'm not- just a little tidbit of info- (I respect you heavy-posters and Forum crew!) -ewww, just read that "mouse mouse" post, that's kinda nasty ...-
  16. Goodness, that makes me upset!!! On the same token, I once attended an anti-virus seminar at my mall (pretty small group of people and some computer-wiz with a projector). He gave us the schpeal on viruses, malware, spam, trajans, the works- and in the middle of the talk he browsed Microsoft.com, a few innocent searches on Google.com, browsed a few news sites, and a few other totally legit websites (with the crowd watching on the projector). Before he began, he had completely scanned his computer and was clean- AFTER the browsing he scaned hsi computer as he wrapped up hi stalk and came up with six things of spyware- and two of them were worse than the usual small-almost-threatless-kind! It shocked me how easy it is to contract bugs online! It just makes me angry!
  17. Thanks a ton you guys, I really appreciate it! (Speacial thanks to the people of CCcleaner forums- you're ALL such great helps!)
  18. Please only respond if you have an A+ (the computer degree) or are quite knowlegable about the topic. Firstly, would you consider it difficult to get an A+ degree. Secondly, do you take a test or talk with someone to get it. Thirdly, if you have any interesting info on it, I'd like to hear it. My friend is going to get his soon, and I'm going to consider joining him. So any info you could give now would be most appreciated.
  19. Right now its 36 degrees in Ketchikan, Alaska. Boy, up here it feels WARM when we reach 40 or 42 in December and January. But we barely get any snow in this town.
  20. all right, thanks a bunch! I was just wanting to be sure. Thanks! ( nice quick response!)
  21. I have put Windows Washer onto my computer to do a nice cleaner-upper (I'm a NUT about constantly cleaning, virus-scanning, error-checking, defraging, reg-cleaning, dusting, and organizing my computer!) and there is an option called "free space wash". ((((Attached to this post is a screen-shot labeled 'deletefreespace1')))) I would like to know if it would indeed improve the preformance of my computer, delete already "deleted" files, improve my security, or if it something to be avoided completely. Thank you.
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