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  1. ok, I should tap, but now it is 2 white very large dots. I tried to take a picture from my phone today! Gosh, what can I say, I wasn't linked to my email and made another issue (beside the point). I got that photo stuck in Gallery that won't link the Outlook email that I linked to Gmail. Long explanation for just 1 attachment. I got the picture on my phone that shows one of the 2 white dots and had to email to me and create a link. link: one note of ie red copywrite: https://1drv.ms/o/s!Aq9qUTCk9XXxyzdi5x_2Owk29Hwu. This very strange pic has what seems to a RED IE copywrite symbol. And, obvio
  2. I need to set a flash link in my "allowed" apps, but chrome://plugins/ is busy or now on a different site. I've tried using the settings menu, but the website: https://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/ is not able to be entered there. "/onthefarm/" can be typed but it is removed in edit. I turned off all my extensions; tried logging out of Facebook; tried loggining into Google and cleaned the browser; and tried again. Nothing works. Can you tell me if I save a cookie in Ccleaner if that helps? I use McAfee firewall and can't find or don't know how to put the flash cookie there, either. I sent a rep
  3. I hope you don't mind me adding this information to my problem, since I've been trying to get a repair or refund since I first got the machine in 2015. The computer is in extended warranty period now. I attached the pdf's because mostly the information can only be gleaned. The actual technical issue is on Intel's website and it looks like pie-in-the-sky to me. Event ID 263 and 264 help or computer needs replacing! 1) URL: http://www.usblyzer.com/usb-human-interface-device-hid-class-decoder.htm title: Human Interface Device (HID) Class Decoder (USBlyzer-blocked in my pdf
  4. this is an Acer All-in-One. Model Aspire Z1-621. The issue just appeared after I had submitted the repair to investigate a red-dot error which has since stopped occurring (just prior to repair). But if you look at the photo, there is also a large white dot; similarly positioned where the red-dot used to show. I'm getting the wrong replies from the warranty company technician who has 2 times looked at this computer for this issue. First, they replied that the computer operating system would not load; and the second time, they replied it was software. I'm unhappy with the service so I
  5. I'm only able to show a picture of my issue that occurred when I signed out of my computer because I don't understand how this is occurring. It happened 2 times. The second time I took a picture with the flash off and also with the flash on. The halo'ing in the pic showed upon shutting down and stayed on the screen after the power was out. What is this? Does this mean I have Windows Security issue or hardware issue or something else?
  6. I have no clue what to do with Recuva, but I need to run msconfig and after running it, I'm not sure I want to that right away. I see file corruption from files dated 6/5/17. One example is a ??? file that can be replaced by TABTIPS. Couldn't find this example by typing TABTIPS in search. How about this example: well, I can't even figure out how to copy an example to post. Could be malware or it could be that I refreshed Window 10 or it could be that Google finally updated me an I got to remove their data storage that was deleted, but not removed from their servers. I copied the list.
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