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  1. Thanks hazelnut. I submitted a request. (I actually did previously look through CCleaner Pro for a link to do some such thing, but could not find it. Perhaps I did not look hard enough or in the right place.) Without knowledge of a forthcoming fix, this problem bugs me enough to switch to a different product that does not have this problem. Hopefully I will hear back from Piriform support.
  2. What does it take for a moderator (or related such person) here to confirm whether or not Piriform is aware of this problem and whether or not a fix is coming soon in an update? This does appear to be a bug with people running updated versions of Google Chrome (Windows 7 or 10). CCleaner no longer cleans. So what does it take to get the attention of a moderator and confirmation of whether/when a fix is coming? I pay for CCleaner Professional. However, I am not going to continue to do so if CCleaner continues to fail to clean. At some point (if we hear nothing and substantial time passes and we hear nothing) do we hit social media with things like "CCleaner no longer cleans"?
  3. Same. Windows 7 (64). The timing of this problem may well coincide with one or more of the most recent (and seemingly substantial) updates to Google Chrome.
  4. Unlike many years of fine service, for a while now CCleaner continually fails to clean Google Chrome browsing history. CCleaner always used to succeed at this. However, even though CCleaner states (after running it) that it has cleaned Chrome (internet history - browsing, etc.) it actually fails to do so. When I instruct Google Chrome to clear the browsing history, it does indeed delete it. However, when I run CCleanter to do the same thing, the browser history remains (as Chrome prominently displays recently viewed webpages when you open a new window or tab). Are the CCleaner professionals aware of this problem? Are they going to fix it in a soon to be released version of/update to CCleaner? (By the way, I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit SP1 - fully updated.)
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