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  1. Recently I ran the registry cleaner and everything was fine until I restarted my computer. The start up was extremely slow and when it finally opened the desktop all hell broke loose. It took about 10 whole minutes for all the icons on my computer to load. When I tried to click on anything like a folder or browser, it wouldn't open. The start menu also didn't open, nor the search bar or settings. After a couple of minutes a window pops up saying "Microsoft windows is not responding" and asks me to either end it or cancel. Whichever I click never made any difference because it still wouldn't respond. I tried restarting the computer a couple of times but every I time I did the same would happen. I tried looking up my problem online but I couldn't find anything similar. All the solutions always say to do something in the command prompt or the settings but I can't access neither. The only thing I can access is the advanced start up repair after turning my computer on and off three times. I did the start up repair and waited 19 hours for it finish. The repair didn't do anything, everything was still the same. I also came across a solution with completely reinstalling windows with it's usb but I don't have it. My windows had the new windows 10 creators update. I didn't manually install it and I had it for around a month before this happened so I don't think it's the cause of this. I'm aware that i will probably have to kiss my computer good bye and buy another one but before that I want to try and see if there is any way I can fix it.
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