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  1. Same here - my Maxtor One Touch external HD is reported as an SSD
  2. Hi Help please - I'm having a problem with CCleaner not properly removing Chrome history I have brand new SSD with a virgin install of Win 10 (64-bit), Chrome (Version 59.0.3071.86 Official Build 64-bit) and CCleaner (Version 5.30.6065 64-bit) I am using a 'local' account on this PC and am not signed into Google (and also as far as I can tell have no Chrome background services running so no 'cloud' connection) CCleaner shows as having run correctly (i.e. Chrome *not* skipped) with the proper number of files and amount of date removed reported The problem comes when I reopen Chrome only to find the typed URL and search history is still there The history is properly deleted when using Chrome's own 'Clear History' I have already tried uninstalling/reinstalling both Chrome and CCleaner I can post the 'Speccy' for this if it helps... Thoughts anyone? Thanks
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