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  1. It would be great to see see an option to turn the white background to black or even dark gray. Dark modes have spread to a lot of applications, and having the white background when everything else is usually dark is really irritating.
  2. I turned off the auto update feature, but it still does not clean. I am not sure what else could be prohibiting it.
  3. I have them checked, no I am not using any enhancers and there are no folders excluded. I just check Office and it is in fact clearing. Adobe Reader however is not, and all the recent files are still there. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC version 2017.009.20044.
  4. Really? Because it hasn't been happening for me. Can you clarify exactly which setting it is and where it is located? As of right now I have checked my settings in the 'cleaner' tab and have everything selected except 'network passwords' and 'wipe free space'.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to enable the clearing of the 'recent files' section for apps like Adobe Reader DC, Microsoft Office, etc?
  6. Hello, Could there be an added metadata remover? Perhaps it could be used to scrub the metadata on all files within a specified folder as well as for individually selected files?
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