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  1. hazelnut -- sound advice, without a doubt. I'm hopefully getting there . . . My OS is Windows 10 64-bit. It's an HP w/ i5 processor, 8 GB Ram, 919 GB HD with 142 GB currently used. Bought it over 5 years ago (ouch!). Andavari -- Turns out I has System Restore "ON" but didn't have any space allocated for it -- hence no Restore Point existed.. I moved the slider to 6% (55.14 GB) and manually created a System Restore Point. Then I went back into CCleaner / Tools / System Restore, and Voila! there it was, no problem. Onward. What else do I need to know before I do a Registry clean? I'll back up all my documents, music and pictures to my portable HD of course. Not sure if I should (or could ?) back up my whole system that way or not . . . Would that be feasible? Anyway, thanks to you both for replying.
  2. Not sure if this a CCleaner bug or not, but . . . I just downloaded the free version of CCleaner and did Analyze / Run Cleaner. Then began checking out the options under "Tools." Everything was good until I came to "System Restore." It's been 30 minutes now, and nothing shows up -- just the continuous little circle that I assume means "we're trying . . . " Looks like I have a ton of issues under "Registry" but I'm gonna hold off of that until I can find out what the problem is with System Restore. This rank beginner will much appreciate any help or advice!
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