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  1. I had a problem where after allowing CCL Pro to close Edge, even though Edge wasn't running, I'd get a BSOD soon after cleaning. This BSOD problem also happens when I use the Task Manager to force close Edge before running CCL. There's an explanation on the Support page about why CCL thinks Edge is running when it's not: other system programs use Edge databases. This solution works for me now for a few months: set up Edge to clean itself on closing, open Edge and close it, wait a few seconds, and run CCL with no Edge cleaning.
  2. I've had this happen several times on Windows 10 recently: while using CCleaner Pro cleaner, it wants to stop Microsoft Edge, which isn't running, and I say yes. CCleaner says it's taking a long time to close Edge, do I want to force close Edge? I say yes and after the cleaning, while using Edge, I get a BSOD. Are the two connected, forcing Edge to close and the BSOD? The Windows blue screen troubleshooter says the Windows Store cache may be damaged. For now I close Edge with the Task Manager before using CCleaner, but I'm not using Edge again till I know more.
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