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  1. Look here, http://www.msfn.org/board/forum/101-unattended-windows-discussion-support/ very good site for all your unattended installation questions, i used to be right into that stuff, but i havent used unattended installs in awhile, you might try looking there tho, because im sure someone has had the same question about ccleaner
  2. MCT

    Speccy for drivers

    that'd be neat, but i think that could be quite time consuming, they would have to keep and build a drivers database
  3. i want this feature too, i use the same program above, just for that option
  4. I know how to do this manually, but i think there should be an option to run this from control panel
  5. another way, depending on the version of windows you are running is using group policy editor
  6. It might be something simple like quotes on your batch file not working, try using a full path name
  7. instead of having CCleaner tell u every file inside the custom folder it cleans, how about the size of the folder cleaned instead? it'd cut down on space (for example a cache folder which has like 2000 entries)
  8. what about the ability 2 delete specific files? i for 1 would love this.. i use vmware alot & it creates log files every time u start it, which are 1MB or so in size .. this can take up alot
  9. i would like for CCleaner 2 add an entry in control panel ,if u would like 2 know how 2 do it PM =Creator ONLY=
  10. the reason it shows 511 is cuz (if u check in system properties) it will also say there.. the reason for this is cause u have set in your bios 2 hold back 1 MB of memory
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