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  1. I routinely run CCleaner free space deletion with 7-passes including MFT deletion during the night. The next morning I run a Recuva "Deep Scan" Recovery which can result in as many as 375,000 items/files recovered including literally thousands that are fully recoverable. I'm fairly computer literate, but this doesn't make any sense to me. Any suggestions or recommendations would certainly be appreciated.
  2. I have been using CCleaner & Recuva for many years & CCleaner is fantastic. I do have a problem, or at least a complaint, about Recuva. If I run Recuva in regular mode on my C:\ drive, it will usually return 100 to 2,000 files. I then use a file shredder program to delete them. I can then go to All Files > I'm not sure > Enable Deep Scan, and the return is generally between 250,000 & 350,000. I recover all of them to a USB Flash Drive, and as above, shred them all. I then either select "Delete all checked" or "Delete all highlighted" and receive the warning that they will be
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