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  1. I found it really difficult to stop it from autostarting on startup. It was OK the first time I had it installed, but when I re-installed it (after needlessly unintstalling it!) I couldn't stop it from autostarting, so I had to get rid of it!
  2. OK, I've just done that and everything seems to be OK. Does that mean no damage has been done or after a few reboots can problems start to happen?
  3. Is it dangerous? Can I mess up my registry? I don't really want to fix all issues unless I'm pretty much guaranteed it won't mess anything up. It finds the following issues: Missing Shared DLL Unused File Extension Invalid Default Icon ActiveX/Com Issue Open With Application Issue Application Paths Issue Help File Issue Installer/Uninstaller Reference Issue Old Start Menu Key Missing MUI/Shortcut Reference
  4. Hi again, not sure where this goes, so: 1) How often does my PC, by default, create a system restore? Should I create my own, or not really unless I'm about to install some dodgy program? 2) Disk cleanup and disk defragments - are they a good idea to do around once a month? Can they mess up the PC? How long should a disk defrag take? Many thanks for the (anticipated) help.
  5. Hi, I'm new here, looks like a great forum for all questions I have PC related! 1) When I check a download through a link y right clicking and selecting Dr. Web, the window opens, it seems to be checking it but always ends up freezing and never telling me whether or not the download is actually safe. Help! 2) When I create an FEBE backup and save it, how would I ever use it if all my Firefox information was deleted? Oh, and also: Can I ever accidentally delete important stuff using CCleaner, just by using the basic Cleaner tool? Many thanks, Ben
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