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  1. Hi guys i asked here last week for a bit of info about getting my ccleaner pro to scan an individual folder on hard drive, i got a great deal of help from your staff member johnccleaner but i still am unable to get it to work i have attached 2 pictures to show you the setting i have done, i have a folder on f drive which is named # , this is the only folder i want to scan for duplicate files, but when the scan starts it continues to do the whole drive, do i have the settings correct as shown in the 2 diagrams, Sorry to be a bit of a nuisance but i struggle with some pc pro
  2. Hi John Thanks very much for the help, greatly appreciate it, all working ok now, one more question is there anyway in the program settings that it will delete the folder as well as deleting the music contents Thanks again
  3. Hi John I have a 12 TB Hard drive with all my music songs on in MP3 format, I have them all in folders like I.E A,B,C,E,F,G,H ETC.. I want to find duplicate songs in each folder by reading one folder at a time [ Not the whole Hard drive ] then delete the duplicate ones., Have tried to do what you suggest ,when i go into the the "Custom Files and Folders" Cleaning Rule in Options >include I have tried as per your instructions but it still reads the whole drive, I only want to read one folder at a time then delete duplicates Sorry if i am going
  4. Hi Guys I have the latest version of CCleaner Pro . is there anyway i can get the program to scan individual folders not complete Hard drives, Thankyou
  5. Hi Guys , I purchased CC pro Cleaner in november , 2020, i have been trying to activate ever since that day, all i get is a activate box come up on screen when i try to run the program, I have copied and paste the number i was given in the email when i purchased it, when i try to activate it still shows as a free copy and ask me to upgrade which i have already paid for, I have tried to uninstall and reinstall no luck, I have tried the link that was in the email also still unable to activate , I did not have any problems with all the previous version's that i have used before
  6. Ok Thanks for the Information, Will give it a try
  7. Hi nukecad Done what you suggested and it still deleting them, I uninstalled ccleaner and the passwords were saved okay , then reinstall latest version, I put a saved password into a site i go on,then closed opera down, When i ran ccleaner again password gone, Any ideas please, Thanks for the info so far
  8. Hi Guys New to this site,Need a bit of help Please, How do i stop Ccleaner from deleting my saved passwords in Opera Browser, i am using Windows 10 . Many thanks
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