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  1. Win 10 update was installed the day before I reported this. Speccy was the latest version and was updated to version 1.30.730 before this incident. I tried a Speccy uninstall, down load from the Piriform website, and reinstall with no changes. This is Win 10 Home 64bit on a Dell i5555 laptop with a 256 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM. Speccy will launch and try to run. It then returns an error form noting that the app unexpectedly terminated and closed. It gives me 5 minutes to complete and return the form which I have completed and returned to Piriform at least four (4) times. Since this is the free edition, I did not expect a response.
  2. Just installed this yesterday and now app will launch and not run (failed repeatedly. Running Speccy 1.30.730 which ran fine on Win 10 Anniversary edition (16??). Just tried it again and it finally launched. Have sent several error reports - did something change here?
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