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  1. Thanks for your informative replies Hazelnut - I take your point but many applications that perform a scan / sweep include the ability to perform an action upon completion. In my humble opinion, it would be a useful addition to the GUI. Thanks for your heads-up on the /AUTO bug Andavari - you've saved me some head scratching! Al
  2. Hi, I always run CCleaner before I run an AV Scan... just to reduce the amount of stuff the AV scanners has to trawl through. I was thinking it would be great if CCleaner could run another program on finishing a clean? Can this be done through the GUI? It doesn't seem so, but I thought I'd check here. Thanks in advance Al PS: I know CCleaner can perform a silent scan and close using a CLI command, which could be incorporated into a batch script that waits for CCleaner to close before running the AV software scan command... but I'll do it in the GUI if possible :o)
  3. Thanks for this - I will turn the original icon to monochrome... Thanks for your help everyone! Piriform - please do add it to your feature requests for future releases... lots of other software have a little tick box to turn their icon to monochrome on Mac OSX. Thanks Al
  4. Thanks What format should the font be in please / where should I place it once I've chosen one? Thanks in advance Al
  5. Hi, It would be nice if there was an option to have a mono tone / black CCleaner icon in the OSX menu bar instead of the colour icon. If this already possible please - please could you advise how I do it (I can't spot anything in the options menu). If its not currently possible; please could you add it as a feature request Regards Al.
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