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  1. Hi! I've checked the VSS, it was 'empty' after the defragments so that couldn't be the case. Thanks for your suggestion mate . Unfortunately I've tried that already, couldn't find anything suspicious...
  2. Glad that you got it fixed mate! By the way, I was away on a trip/holiday so I haven't put much attention into my 'problem'. Basically the guy from Microsoft suggests the same thing as you did before, but with TreeSize Free instead of WizTree... Right now I'm losing hope to find the cause and fix for that magically dissapeared free space. I will not defrag with Defraggler till I somehow find the cause of it. Anyway, I'll see what the Microsoft guy has to say.
  3. Ah thanks, I've found the 'Wininit' log (after googling ), it says that there were no errors detected. Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated about this case, will post on the Microsoft Support Site tomorrow.
  4. Tried deleting all of the VSS trough CMD, following your stated steps, no result . It only deleted the recovery point I made Also performed a ChkDsk on restart, it took a couple of hours so I left while it was going, came back, I've no idea if there were any errors (Not sure how to check the report) but the free space didn't came back. It's still the same as before unfortunately This means I will post something on the Microsoft Support Site soon. Thanks for your help, I still hope that someone will come by who can solve this mystery
  5. Hmm, I don't really dare to run Defraggler again to be honest, I will maybe try to use your method though and see if it has any effect on the free space. Aha, haven't tried that yet, I will try that 'tomorrow' since it's 01:52 here. I'll keep you updated! As for the ChkDsk, I ran a 'C:->Right mouse click->Proterties->Extra->Error Check', is that the same? I will do a ChkDsk also, just to be sure. And I will post something on the Microsoft Support site if all of this doesn't work, thanks for the tip!
  6. The amount of free space isn't a big concern to me, as I could delete more movies and series I have watched already (which occupies the most space). I run CCleaner regulary but thanks for the tip . My main concern is why defragging resulted in a 'big' loss of free space and how to 'fix' this issue. As I noted, before I did my first defrag with Defraggler my free space was 206,2GB, after those 2 defrags and 2 boot time defrags, my free space was showing 193,8 GB. I haven't done anything in the time while the defrags were running, I just let it defrag. I even saw the free space was going down little by little while it was defragging (2nd defrag). That's 12,4GB that went somewhere without me doing anything on the laptop which made me think there may be a bug... The weird thing is, I'm possibly the only one or one of few that have this 'bug' because I Googled a lot about this issue, all which had the 'Shadow Copy' problem which was easily fixed by disabling VSS and deleting the recovery points. I however, didn't had a single recovery point so that couldn't be the case. This is literally a mystery to me and I really want to find out what caused this to happen. Because defragging normally wouldn't result in changes of space on the HDD right? So I should have an 'extra' of 12,4GB free space. Does this mean though, that If I keep defragging with Defraggler, the HDD will eventually get full?
  7. I've taken a look at it, however I didn't find any 'unknown' folder/file that matches the amount of GB free space I lost. The biggest folders/files are games, video's, Spotify, the WinSxS folder (checked it, Temp folder is the biggest with 691 MB with 'pending deletes' being the biggest folder in there) and the 2 files pagefile.sys (8GB) & hiberfil.sys (6,4GB). But then again, I've no idea where to look to find my lost 'free space', do you have any suggestions maybe? I did discover a lot of 'amd64' and x86_microsoft' files in the WinSxS folder, I guess that's maybe normal but I've included a screen to be sure: http://imgur.com/a/91hiI NOTE: I deleted a lot of old movies today from my laptop to free up some space, the lost free space did not 'came back'. Thanks for trying to help! Very much appreciated Hmm yeah, maybe... What programs are you thinking of? Most of my programs are tools like Microsoft Office, Sony Vegas, Adobe programs like Flash, PDF reader and Photoshop. I also have some games installed and multimedia software like VLC, Steam, Origin, Skype, Unity Web Player and Spotify. The other programs are mostly microsoft software (Microsoft Visual, SQL Server, Silverlight), antivirus programs (Avira free antivirus and Malwarebytes free version) and pre-installed software from Realtek and Toshiba (since this laptop is a Toshiba). What kind of software should I take a look at that could have been 'interfering' with Defraggler other than Avira (since I disabled it during defragging)? Thanks for your reply and trying to help also! Very much appreciated
  8. Yep, I've read that on the forum. As I said, I ticked that option before I did my 2nd defragmentation, which resulted in more free space loss. I've done several reboots already, I've also tried cleaning with CCleaner, both didn't solve the problem. I indeed hope that someone can help me solve this 'mystery' for me. Anyway, thanks a lot for replying and trying to help! I appreciate it . Lets hope that someone can be my hero... it may be even a bug in the Defraggler software?...
  9. I don't know a lot about that but as I said, I couldn't find any restore point, I made one today which is the only one in the list. I tried deleting shadow copies with CMD before but it didn't work because there was nothing to delete. I even disabled VSS during the second defragmentation which resulted in loss of more free space. I haven't configured Defraggler in the way you said, as I wanted to defrag everything (I know it's kinda useless and a waste of time but I wanted to 'clean' everything up). Do you think this has caused my HDD lost free space? If that's the case, I now know how to prevent this problem for the next time, I thought the only negative effects of not configuring was just 'wasting time'. Anyway, do you know how I can get my 'free space' back?
  10. UPDATE: Defragmentation finished, I have 193,8GB of free space left
  11. Hi guys! Yesterday, I decided to perform a defragment on my older laptop (Windows 8.1 64-bit, HDD of 650GB) as I saw with Defraggler my HDD was 20% fragmented with a free space of 206,2GB (I noted it). After 30 min, after I clicked ''Defrag'', it still was on 1% so I thought maybe my antivirus was interfering. I stopped the defragmentation, disabled my antivirus and performed a boot time defrag first (don't ask me why, I thought it was smarter to do that first) without turning hibernation off with cmd. After the boot time defrag I shut down my pc and started it up again (As I thought the defragmentation would go faster if I do a restart first). When I started Defraggler again it showed me that I had 199,6GB of free space left and my HDD was 22% fragmented, I thought it would maybe resolve itself after a full defragmentation. It took around 12 hours. After this I restarted and checked my free storage, it was around 199,3GB (forgot to note the exact number). I read that I had to disable hibernation to defrag pagefile.sys etc. so I did and performed a boot time defrag again. After that I tried deleting the 'shadow copies', but I had none (I will make a restore point after I find out how to fix this 'problem'). I searched the internet about the 'problem' I have and came across this topic: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=35459, I followed these 'steps' and performed a defragment again (0% fragmentation but 108 files fragmented). I was looking at the screen and while the defragmenting was going on my free space kept decreasing. Now, around 8 hours later the defragmentation is on 82% and I have 193,8GB of free space left. My question is, how can I 'get back' my free space (after this defragment finishes)? And why did defragging result in decreasing my free space from 206,2GB to 193GB? (Assuming it will keep going down till it reaches 100%) I hope that someone can help me with this as this is kinda frustrating me because I didn't expect this would happen. Thanks in advance !
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